Monthly Archive: September 2008

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Wooden Houses Of Siberia

If you ever travel in Siberia then there are some chances that you will see some wooden houses like those are. As you can see these houses are very interesting with its architecture, some...

mosaic mini cooper 2

Mini Cooper With Mosaic Details

Bisazza craftsmen have encrusted each MINI with over 30,000 colored glass tesserae, creating four “artomotive” masterpieces in the themes of a Zebra, Summer Flowers, Tartan plaid and a Dama. The tesserae, each one-half inch...

spotted lake 1

Kliluk – The Spotted Lake

Legends of “Kliluk, the Spotted Lake” are woven into the Native Indian heritage of the Okanagan Valley.  The Indians soaked away aches and ailments in the healing mud and waters.  One story cites a...

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Wooden Russian Rouble Coin

We can call this as some type of monument of the Russian money value rouble. This is a wooden coin which represent Russian money value. It was very popular before.