Airbus 380 VIP Saloon

If you have enough money they you can afford a trip in an Aribus 380 airplane. If you are truly businessman then you can make some conference in the VIP saloon of the Airbus 380. It is modern and designed for everyone’s wishes.

airbus 380 vip saloon

airbus 380 vip saloon

airbus 380 vip saloon lufthansa

amazing airbus 380 vip saloon

vip saloon airbus 380

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4 Responses

  1. Group buyer says:

    nice pictures. Don’t know how the Boeing Dreamliner gonna actually look like..

  2. Darren Bebo says:

    Thats amazing, I cant imagine how expensive it is to even travel in that section of the plane. One day it will be mine hahaha

  3. Man that was some cool interior. That would be the ultimate skyride but im not shure i could afford it :)

  4. Tresa Decker says:

    good luck

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