Amazing Ice Sculptures

Those sculptures which you are going to see are from the ice sculptures presentation in Moscow. As you can see they are very nice and created with a stile. I suppose that is Russia there is a lot of snow duwing the winter I think that is not problem to build a lots of sculptures here. Here are some instructions if you decide once to building something which can look on some which are presented on those pictures.

  1. Wash Mold – This will remove any dirt picked up during manufacture, transport, or storage.
  2. Position the mold in your freezer and level with the 4 foam corners (included with mold).
  3. Fill the mold approximately 90%. Do not fill to top to allow for expansion.
  4. Freeze for 48 hours.
  5. To demold, place the mold open side down on a flat surface for several minutes until the mold lifts off easily. Note: Do not dip it in water as this will cause cracking.

amazing ice sculptures

fish ice sculpture

ice sculpture

ice sculpture

ice sculpture

ice sculpture in moscow

ice sculptures

ice sculptures

amazing ice sculpture

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  1. Amazing work! These are truly works of art…only sadly, they melt. :(

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