Cardboard Sculptures

Very interesting and amazing work made with cardboard. Those sculptures from real life are very good present, they looks very good. There are many interesting sculptures, my favorite is a helicopter made with cardboard.

amazing piano cardboard

cardboard art

cardboard sculpture

cool cardboard

cardboard inside car

cardboard clock

cardboard music instrument

cardboard phone booth

cool cardboard helicopter

cardboard helicopter

inside cardboard helicopter

helicopter card board

amazing cardboard sculpture

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1 Response

  1. steve penney says:

    Do you know the world record for the largest cardboard sculpture? Myself and a group of students that I teach have made a cardboard horse. We have loosly tried to follow the scale and dimentions of Leonardo’s fabled horse also incorporating images and ideas surronding the legend of the wooden horse of Troy. I don’t know its exact dimentions, however from ground to the top if its head it is roughly over 5 meters. Now that this monster has been been built we need some suggestions as to what to do with it . Would you be interested in including it on your site? Email me back if you have any suggestions – I can forward photographs if you wish.
    Many thanks Steve

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