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dr house caricature 13

Dr.House Caricatures

Here are few caricatures of the Hugh Laurie as Dr. House. Those caricatures are done very well, i think that these are not from the same creator. As you can see caricatures of Dr.House...

giant-motorcycle 0

Motorcycle Which Weights 5 Tons

This big motorcycle which those people made is really interesting. It weights about 5 tons and you can drive it after all. It is really interesting how many stuff you can do if you...


Balloon Figures

When you are at some birthday party you can see how clowns create interesting shapes from balloons. On those pictures you will see some very interesting figures which were made with balloons.

futuristic car 1

Car Concepts From The Past

Those cars are defined as concepts and prototypes in the past. Some of them really have futuristic design and looks very strange. Those ideas from the past really looks interesting and maybe those ideas...