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Balloon Figures

When you are at some birthday party you can see how clowns create interesting shapes from balloons. On those pictures you will see some very interesting figures which were made with balloons.

futuristic car 1

Car Concepts From The Past

Those cars are defined as concepts and prototypes in the past. Some of them really have futuristic design and looks very strange. Those ideas from the past really looks interesting and maybe those ideas...


Lego Sushi Sculptures

With Lego you can make very interesting things, I think that this Lego sushi sculpture is one of them. This one is taken from Big Daddy Nelson Flickr page, it looks very interesting. It...

mosaic mini cooper 2

Mini Cooper With Mosaic Details

Bisazza craftsmen have encrusted each MINI with over 30,000 colored glass tesserae, creating four “artomotive” masterpieces in the themes of a Zebra, Summer Flowers, Tartan plaid and a Dama. The tesserae, each one-half inch...

cooler pc case mod 3

PC Case Mod Made With Coolers

What do you say on this type of PC case mod? I suppose that you will hear those coolers if they are working. Just try to imagine how it looks like or how loud...

geek wedding 13

Star Wars Geek Wedding

Once again something for Star Wars fans. This is one wedding which was presented in Star Wars world. Very geeky. Joda, Darth Vader, stormtrooper soldier and many others were there. If you are truly...