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underwater old photo 39

Old Underwater Photography

Photos taken in 1938, photographer Bruce Mozertom near the coast of Florida Silver Springs. Over the 45 years he has done photos coast of Florida and its inhabitants. He actually was one of the...

batmobil 1

Real Batmobil Car

This one really looks awesome. I think that police officers with this kind of vehicles are going to catch every single criminal. This is a real Batmobil car, including motorcycle. It really looks powerful...

f1 mower 0

F1 Lawn Mower

Do you have a need for speed? Then this is for you! Just grab the wheel and mow with the speed and elegance of a Formula1 car. This is a F1 lawn mower concept....

long dangerous bridge 11

Amazingly Dangerous Bridge

This bridge really looks amazing. OK, it is dangerous and scary for sure but also it looks very nice, it makes landscapes of this place more beautiful than it is. Here is one question...

soap picture 11

Soap Art

Who says soap can only be used for cleansing?As you can see it makes for great material when you have an artistic sense. Some of you may not be impressed by all these pieces,...

monster motorbike 4

Monster Motorbike

This big and powerful monster motorbike can crash everything on its way. You can see that if you take a look at pictures of this monster bike.