Dr.House Caricatures

Here are few caricatures of the Hugh Laurie as Dr. House. Those caricatures are done very well, i think that these are not from the same creator. As you can see caricatures of Dr.House are interesting and strange as he is in the series too.

dr house caricature

dr house caricature

doctor house caricature

caricature doctor house

caricature dr house

caricature dr house

doctor house

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13 Responses

  1. emily says:

    a beautiful face- any way you draw it <3 the 4th & the 6th are my favorites :]

  2. WinDOze says:

    these r great!

  3. Alson says:

    Dr. House ftw. :)
    I liked the 4th one the most.

  4. Sausages Inc. says:

    Although I’ve never watched the show (and have no idea how I stumbled on this) they are very nice artworks.. the 1st and 5th are my favorites.

  5. Ricky says:

    I didnt like them, with the exception of the 6th image, which I really liked. Caricatures are nice, but ofter times the artist will exaggerate or warp parts of the face that dont correspond to the subjects look or personality.

  6. Cyrious Garnetski says:

    It’s interesting that they all made his eyes the most significant feature.

    I liked them all.

  7. n says:

    hugh laurie is a queea

  8. honour chick says:

    i hate the show but the art is awesome :( …… :)

  9. design says:


  10. Peter says:

    Awesome Jobs, they did a good job with the

  11. meche_s_tesla says:


  12. mercan says:

    love it

    realy got the faces right

  13. aron says:

    I dig the style, nice work,

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