G750 Noco Genius Smart Charger Review

The great thing about a battery charger is that they enable you to be able to charge your vehicle wherever you are. Whether you tend to have a vehicle that loses charge quickly or one that needs charging between uses as you do not use it frequently, it can be a very useful tool to have around. They are very useful, but you do need to pick carefully as there are big differences between the different brands. Some of the chargers are not so reliable as others. It is possible that some of them may overcharge the battery or not give it the length of life that you would like.

noco charger

One possible choice of charger is theĀ  G750 Noco Genius Smart Charger. This is automatic and has a great deal of good features. It will not only completely restore the power in the batteries but it will do this even in cold weather. It has a maintenance charging option so that batteries that are starting to get old and worse for wear, can be fully brought back to life.

NOCO battery charger

The G750 Battery Charger will work on wet, gel, MF and AGM batteries which means that you will not get stuck if your battery goes flat. It will automatically diagnose the problem with the vehicle and then charge it, which makes things very easy. It is suitable for six and twelve vault batteries with a range of 1.2-30 Ah. It even has a five year warranty and charges batteries twice as fast as similar devices.

There is a five step process to charging the battery. It will first check the voltage and make sure that it is in a good condition. Then it will give it a soft charge. It will give this until 90% of the capacity has been chathed and then put in small amounts of current to give a safe charge and limit the battery gassing until it gets to 100%. Lastly it will do a maintenance charge if necessary, to make sure the battery is completely charged but without delivery too much charge.

It is safe and easy to use, not too big and light which means that it is suitable to transport around and will not take up too much room. It is designed for demanding use on all sorts of vehicles including motorbikes, dirt bikes, cars, jet skis and boats.

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