Hundertwasser Toilet – Probably The Most Photographed Toilet In The World

In 1998 the Kawakawa Community Board was looking to upgrade 40-year-old toilet facilities in the central township, and Hundertwasser offered a solution from his design palate.

hundertwasser toilet

weird hundertwasser toilet

weird toilet

His concept was adopted and construction was completed early this year, with the artist personally lending a hand in construction supervision, including the provision of materials from his own studio. Hundertwasser was in fact more involved in construction than he was in the world-renown Hundertwasser House apartments project in Vienna.

weird toilet

weird toilet inside

weird toilet new zealand

weird wc

In consultation with the Bay of Islands College, students prepared ceramic tiles which have been used throughout the building. The bricks used came from a former Bank of New Zealand building, and both young and old from the local community volunteered services to the construction process.

interesting new zealand toilet

interesting toilet

The finished product is a work of art, from the grass roof, to gold balls, ceramic tiles, bottle glass windows, mosaic tiling, copper handwork, cobblestone flooring, individual sculptures and a living tree integrated into the design structure.

interesting toilet

interesting wc

new zealand toilet

With the untimely death of the Austrian-born artist in February 2000, the building is the only Hundertwasser structure in the Southern Hemisphere, and the last major project ever undertaken by the famous artist and designer.

strange hundertwasser toilet

strange toilet

strange wc

It will remain as both a memorial to Frederick Hundertwasser and a very functional building for the community and visitors alike. So impressive has been the final result that Creative New Zealand gave the project the “premier” certificate in the Creative Places Awards 2000 contest. The results were announced at the Local Government New Zealand conference at Christchurch earlier this year.

men sign toilet

toilet new zealand

weird bathroom

In making the award Creative New Zealand chairperson Peter Biggs said:- “This project was initiated by a rural community in a district that has faced many challenges. Yet the Far North has realised a magnificent, integrated project which stands out as a gleaming example to the rest of New Zealand.”

amazing toilet

cool toilet

The Hundertwasser toilet project was also the Urban and Landscape Design category winner in the awards. The building is now arguably the most photographed “public loo” in New Zealand, and possibly in the world.

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2 Responses

  1. teachernz says:

    I was there in January. They are amazing and have a bizarre, fantasy feel to them.
    They still smelled of stale piss though!

  2. Jim says:

    One of the more unusual and fantastic things to see in NZ. But the countries full of quirky little places like the Butchery museum in Milto, Otago or the Elvis Presly memorial museum in Hawera, Taranaki. Oh and the paua house in Bluff, that was cool but now relegated to living in Canturbury museum. Anyway for more on those things and hundreds more have a peek at

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