Lego Sushi Sculptures

With Lego you can make very interesting things, I think that this Lego sushi sculpture is one of them. This one is taken from Big Daddy Nelson Flickr page, it looks very interesting. It is done with details with the ikura sushi shows its fish eggs, wasabi and the ebi sushi.

lego sushi elements

sushi lego

sushi ego sculpture

weird lego sushi

weird lego sushi sculpture

lego sushi

sculpture lego sushi

cool lego sushi

cool lego sushi sculpture

interesting lego sushi

lego sushi

lego sushi sculpture

lego sushi toy

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4 Responses

  1. pushable says:

    not edible

  2. mavis says:

    looks awesome!

  3. sly says:

    wow its cool and messed up at the same time :P

  4. GOONER_ALI says:

    LOL@ A break thru in the battle against childhood obesity.

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