Microsoft Paint Masterpieces

While you are looking in these amazing and outstanding you will wonder yourself is it possible to draw in paint like this. My favorite image is Jack Sparrow, it is very well done. Others images are also great, some of them really looks amazing and unique. It seems that a lots of time and will is used for some drawings.

jack sparrow paint picture

ville valo paint picture

miscrosoft paint masterpieces

frigg n tasty paint

sarang paint

surrounding wood alice top paint

jenh chan paint

paint drawings

jelly fish in paint

jiayi ninetales paint

amazing microsoft paint

cool paint drawings

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13 Responses

  1. nice says:

    nice selection!

  2. swajit says:

    if this all being done in paint then i shld be ashamed of my self at being expert in photoshop

  3. Matt says:

    Brilliant! But… why not just use photoshop? So much easier.

  4. Donnalda says:

    I love making art with Windows Paint, I am so glad to see that there are others using it as well. It is so user friendly and fun to play with. I even wrote a CD on making art and now making scrapbook pages with it. This is so cool.

  5. Lorn says:

    Bunny girl and the one below it aren’t done in paint. And the cave story one looks like it’s done with ink.

  6. asd says:

    lol! They USED(!) Photoshop, filter a Picture and all done.. thats not paint.

  7. Brynan says:

    Those are masterpieces!!!!

  8. Riz says:

    It doesn’t look only MS Paint work to me

  9. lisa says:

    fantastic art !

  10. Koncept says:

    I say these are “decent” comparing to this one, Check it out, you will shit bricks.

  1. January 12, 2009

    [...] of Mario Galaxy, Katamari Damacy and LocoRoco, wrapped in graphics that look like they were drawn in Microsoft Paint. According to the developers, the eco-friendly, grinning Gomi will be out by February, in the [...]

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