Mini Cooper With Mosaic Details

Bisazza craftsmen have encrusted each MINI with over 30,000 colored glass tesserae, creating four “artomotive” masterpieces in the themes of a Zebra, Summer Flowers, Tartan plaid and a Dama. The tesserae, each one-half inch by one-half inch in size were used to transform the vehicles, with 31,700 tesserae laid on each convertible and 37,004 on each coupe.

mosaic mini cooper

mini cooper mosaic

mini cooper with mosaic

mosaic mini cooper cabrio

making mosaic on mini cooper

mini cooper mosaic details

mini cooper behind mosaic

mosaic mini cooper

mini cooper mosaic cabrio

mini cooper cabrio mosaic

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2 Responses

  1. gWallet says:

    Now if only they’d laid down some fiber optic materials whereby a light show could be programmed. Also, I wonder if the suspension had to be modified to handle the added weight of these tiles?

  2. Don Bailey says:

    I love the Mini Cooper, I think these designs are amazing and I want to purchase one, is that possible?

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