Old Engines Trains

Those old engines trains are beautiful. They remind us at past times where nothing was so simple like today. Probably those old engines have priceless cultural value. Many of old engines train like those are are in museums.

old train engines

old engines train

old engines train

old engine train

amazing old train engine


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  • These are not trains, they are tractors

  • These are actually traction engines. Not exactly rare in the UK, they were built to last in the days of massive over-engineering and they have lasted well. I have driven one, and they are fantastic machines.
    The ones shown are all agricultural – there are also ploughing engines which are rarer; they usually have enormous winches under the boiler. The other main type is the Showman’s engine which has lots of twisted brass, lights and a large belt driven generator on the front.
    http://www.planefacts.co.uk/traction/ has lots of data.


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