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Ford Sedan 1940 Stylized To Its Maximum

The 1940 Ford car line was a great styling statement, and so was the 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery derivation. Many connoisseurs of design declare it the best-looking sedan delivery ever, and it’s hard to...

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Dr.House Caricatures

Here are few caricatures of the Hugh Laurie as Dr. House. Those caricatures are done very well, i think that these are not from the same creator. As you can see caricatures of Dr.House...

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Top Three Geek Christmas Gifts

It can be difficult enough to buy gifts for men at Christmas but when they have specific interests and tastes or just have a bit of everything, then this can be even more tricky....

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Put Your Oracle Training to the Test

Most IT companies require employees to complete a yearly training in order to ensure that all employees have the same knowledge and updated information on common IT concepts, technologies, and jobs. This is good...

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Las Vegas Party Bus

This is Las Vegas party bus. If you can afford one of these then you can make parties whenever you want. It’s tuned and looks fabulous, you can dance all night with your friends.