PC Which Never Was Cleaned

Do you realize how dirty and dusty computer can be? Well, on those pictures you will see one very dusty and very probably never cleaned PC.

not cleaned pc

pc dirty

pc dust

pc dust

pc with dust

computer dust

computer with dust

dust pc

dusty pc

never cleaned pc

dirt pc

dirty pc

dust computer

dust in pc

dust pc

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6 Responses

  1. Dustin D. Bowles says:

    been there done that!

  2. Magic Teddy says:

    I got same sort of computer and it looks the same.
    No big deal!

  3. Robbie Rob says:

    When I was repairing pcs for a living a gentlemen brought in a computer that was very bad. He complained the pc was turning off randomly. When I opened it up there was thick dust that was dirt brown and smelled like cigarette smoke. The tar from his cigarettes had caused this dust to leave an oily residue and thus caused it to build up even thicker then dust normally would. I cleaned the computer, and it took me at least two hours.. It was just sad. I explained to him needs to stop smoking around his computer because of this, I’d bet good money he probably still does.

  4. Bill says:

    Wow. I’ve seen some bad ones in my day (two situations that stand out: The autobody shop PC and every PC in the pool-building shop), but those depicted above are grotesque.

    Quite impressive.

  5. Will says:

    I was a tech for Staples in High School, and a mechanic brought in his computer to have it “fixed.” He balked at our prices, but we worked out a deal involving substance we (my coworkers and I) were too young to purchase.

    After he left, we set it up on the bench and heard something rattle inside as it settled upright. Curious, we opened the case to see what was causing the rattle before we turned it on.

    Removing the cover unleashed a stench I’ve not been witness too since. The rattle was being caused by fossilized (hardened) rat guano, and few small, mammalian bones. It turns out a small family of rats had at one time set up residence inside the case. We can only surmise that they entered and exited the case through it’s rather large plastic front cover, or through one of the open PCI slots in the back of the case. Neither seems possible, but somehow they had managed to build quite the abode.

    Needless to say, we called the man back and demanded 2 cases of beer for the job instead of just one.

  6. Yanto says:

    Wow! Perfect Dirty. Just kidding. Some computer peripherals do out-of-order just because of not used for quite a long time. My uncle’s floppy drive is full of dust and he almost never used it.

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