Soap Art

Who says soap can only be used for cleansing?As you can see it makes for great material when you have an artistic sense. Some of you may not be impressed by all these pieces, but I for one never looked at soap as anything but something to help me get squeaky clean, so I’m genuinely impressed to see art in something so common.I wonder how much one of these babies costs and if anyone really uses them when they bathe? I doubt it.

soap picture

soap decorating

soap sculpture

soap image

cool soap

cool soaps

soap art

soap art 1

soap shape

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11 Responses

  1. paresh says:

    nice collection

  2. Shirley Chaplin says:

    These are truly fantastic, a beautiful display for the bathroom and a conversational piece.

  3. KP says:

    Great work or art
    the last one surely must have taken lots of hard work.

  4. subramaniam shankar says:

    I first saw soap sculpture in Bangkok several years ago. It was impressive and invariably these were roses in varying colors.The creation I just saw in your site seems superior and imaginative

  5. Ben Koshkin says:

    These are really amazing. I’m sure there are people who would want them.
    Benjamin Koshkin

  6. I’ve seen such things over in Moscow. Michael Adkinson

  7. Casual Chefs says:

    ahhh, the finer things in life. these are not so outrageous, people take the same care and artistic approach to cooking sometimes.

  8. web design says:

    Any can be impressed by see soap art

  9. Jape says:

    Beautiful. How’d they manage that last one?

  10. It’s amazing how people transform ordinary objects into art. Great post

  11. Milla Valkeasuo says:

    I guess it’s impossible to clean them :D

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