The Smallest House In The World

Isn’t this small house just amazing? It is very tiny but it looks very nice, I like the most bedroom above the entering room. It is created by Jay Shafer and it seems like a good place to take a rest for a few hours. Maybe it is not the smallest one in the world but for sure this kind of house deserves a headline like this one.

smallest house in the world

smallest house

smallest house inside

inside smallest house

smallest house bad room

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36 Responses

  1. paresh says:

    great location.

  2. Jack Vermicelli says:

    “Most bad room”?

  3. george says:

    Great find! You’ve rediscovered a story thats at least 3 years old on the web. Here’s the website of the company thats been marketing them :

  4. jeff says:

    Either the photographer wasn’t impressed with the owner’s book collection or the owner has two of the same books. The DICTIONARY and other books are repeated for 2 different shelf pictures.

  5. Fiona says:

    Perfect for a hermit like me!

  6. Katelyn says:

    I would love to live in a small house, it would be all I needed! It would also keep me from buying anything too big for my house/couldnt afford anyways. I’ll build a small house one day!

  7. cms says:

    I want this house!

  8. jimmie-hi-lo says:

    Where is the bath room? Look like a cabin in a KOA.

  9. jerk says:


  10. Trickery says:

    actually if you look close, that whole section of books is on the other shelf.

  11. jmeem917 says:

    Not only the book shelves, but all the shelves are staged!

  12. Darren Bebo says:

    Cheap for heating at least, looks a lot bigger from the inside.

  13. Claire says:

    I’ve been inside that! There’s even a shower and a couch that they didn’t show.
    I almost bought one myself.
    Very cute, but very expensive. :]

  14. smartass says:


  15. Rick says:

    Old pic, but a good collection nonetheless. Nice it is on wheels.

  16. Speedmaster says:

    Very cool, I love the little loft! ;-)

  17. Benda says:

    A modern day Thoreau except im sure its a little to nice for him! lol and it would be topped of if it was on a lake.

  18. zeb says:

    What do you do if you’re up top and the bottom of it catches on fire? The window isn’t big enough to climb out of.

  19. Tracy says:

    Looks like he has everything he needs. I am sure he saves a fortune on heating bills!

  20. Phil E. Drifter says:

    I don’t see a bathroom. Where does he take a dump?

  21. Tiffany says:

    It’s not fake. I saw it on Yahoo News before. :]

    I want a house like that. It’d be cool. Just not out in the middle of nowhere though. xD

  22. alexxa44 says:

    I’ll take one. With SF Bay Area prices being what they are, this looks like a winner!

  23. nice place, but no pool table? every house needs a pool table

  24. Ace says:

    So much more luxurious than the UniBomber’s shack.

  25. Tread says:

    What are the taxes on a joint like that?

  26. The Dentist says:

    That bed looks so comfy

  27. rob says:

    i sell all of the wood material that would make this
    this is great
    gonna build one
    or two

    or a park of them in the rockies
    retreat time

  28. Leave a reply says:

    Ith iz very smulz

  29. A. says:

    The crazy thing is that Jay built this house in doors. In a warehouse if I remember correctly.It really suits his personality. He’s soft spoken, so you could hear him in the bedroom if you were in the kitchen.

  30. Kendra says:

    Where’s the bathroom?

    Look around, people. Tall grass, isolated location…
    The WORLD is his bathroom.

  31. hipmonkey says:

    I could live here.

  32. Sean says:

    Would you please stop cluttering up the internet?

    It’s not the worlds smallest house. It’s an uninteresting small house.

  33. kylie says:

    small house i love it! its awsome i have always wanted to live in the smallest house or my own at least and i will make my dream come true!!!

  34. jon says:


  35. SNICE says:

    Cool photos, thanks for posting them.

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