Top Ten Most Expensive Knick Knacks

For centuries now the world has known grandeur and opulence. Diamonds, gold, rubies, emeralds, the treasures of kings and queens, have long been the subject of regular folk dreams, coveting a taste of the finer things in life, so far out of reach. The modern western world, especially, has come to embody a material lifestyle where there is a lust for fancy, expensive things. Most of us must stick to a strict regimen of personal finance, saving up for and budgeting for the things we wish for. Others have so much money that they can spend it without thought, buying extravagant knick-knacks that others know they will never even come close to possessing. This is a list of just a few items those rich enough to afford, can blow their money on.

1. A box of chocolates for 1.5 million dollars. The box contains chocolates and a collection of jewellery.


Chocolates Box

2. Jewel-encrusted cellular phone made of platinum for 1.3 million dollars.


Platinum Cellular Phone

3. Hello Kitty platinum figurine adorned with diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts and a blue topaz. 163,000 dollars.


Platinum Kitty

4. World’s most expensive pizza – Nino Bellissima Pizza. The pizza is served for 1,000 dollars containing four kinds of caviar.


Expensive Pizza

5. A purse decorated with 2,182 diamonds embedded in platinum – 1.63 million dollars.


Platinum Purse

6. A bottle of tequila may cost 225, 150 or 25 thousand dollars. The price is high for the bottle made of gold and platinum.


Platinum Tequila Bottle

7. A cricket ball encrusted with 5,728 diamonds – 68,500 dollars.


Diamond Cricket Ball

8. An LCD TV set studded with 160 diamonds worth 20 carats – 130,000 dollars.


Diamond LCD TV

9. A teabag for 14,000 dollars encrusted with 280 diamonds.


Diamond Teabag

10. Gundam robot toy made of platinum for 41,468 dollars.


Platinum Gundam Robot

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8 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Gundam robot = Goddamn expensive robot. Pizza looks like someone barfed on it.

  2. tiffany says:

    these are the most asinine wastes of good money. i can think of a bunch of better ways to use that money to help those who need it

  3. Doug says:

    Looking at this list, I kept thinking, “who the f**k would spend money on that?”

    Then I saw the platinum Gundam.

    I’d totally pay that much money for a platinum Gundam.

    Actually, scratch that. I’d rather put that much money towards building a to-scale model of one.

  4. Thai girl says:

    You’re right Tiffany. What on earth can you do with a 70000$ cricket ball. If you have money to much better spent it on a good cause.

  5. Jane Lane says:

    I Don’t Think That Tea, Would Taste Verry Good.

  6. tony says:

    rich d-bags, the lot of ‘em.

    gundam robot is cool though, but still…

  7. the cricket ball its the odd one out…as for he phone….bling bling

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