Top Three Geek Christmas Gifts

It can be difficult enough to buy gifts for men at Christmas but when they have specific interests and tastes or just have a bit of everything, then this can be even more tricky. This is why we have done some research and put together a list of a few items which might give you some inspiration. These are aimed more at geeky men, but actually may be appealing to all men, so it is worth taking a look even if you would not regard the man you are buying or, to be a geek.

Customised Can Cooler

If the man in question drinks cans, whether beer or soda, then a personalized can cooler could be a great gift. They can slide it on the can to keep it cool but also look cool themselves with a funky message.

You could just put their name, but you may prefer to put a cool saying or something like that. You can have all sorts of things put on it and so you can really get creative. A great gift for someone who has everything, they probably do not have one of these!

Land on Mars

If you know a man who has absolutely everything and needs nothing then why not get an acre of land on mars. These are available from and they say that the land is a great investment.

They claim that presidents, NASA members and celebrities all own an acre and they have sold over 300,000 to date. So why not give some as an alternative gift.

Magnetic Thinking Putty

Magnetic Putty is similar to silly putty but it is magnetic. This means that it can shaped and molded as you would expect from similar putty but when it is near to a magnet it changes in property. It is great for manipulating while you are thinking and playing with it relaxes your brain.

The fact that it is infused with iron filings means that when you put the magnet that comes with it near to it, then it is attracted to it. It is a great fun toy for adults and children and is likely to be something that they will not have seen or had the chance to play with before.

Hopefully these three completely different gifts have inspired you, either to buy one of them or to look for something of equal interest.

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