Toyota I-REAL Concept WheelChair

Toyota introduced a new high end electric wheelchair concept, the new i-Real three-wheeled chair. The i-REAL is a personal mobility vehicle that represents the next stage of Toyota’s personal mobility vehicle development, following the PM, i-unit and i-swing.

toyota i real in use

toyota i real

toyota i real 1

toyota i real chair

 The I-REAL uses three wheels (two at the front and one at the back). In normal driving conditions (low speed) its wheelbase shortens to allow it to maneuver naturally among pedestrians at similar eyesight height without taking up a large amount of space. In high speed mode wheelbase lengthens to provide a lower centre of gravity and better driving performance.

toyota i real gadget

gadget toyota i real chair

using toyota i real chair

Maximum speed of device is 20 mph (30 km/h). Even if 20 mph is nothing when compared to car, it is outstanding when compared to today’s electric wheelchair, mobility scooters and personal transporter Segway, whose top speed is still limited to 13 mph. i-Real is controlled by two joysticks mounted at the end of the arm rests, making transporter easy to maneuver. Joysticks fall to hand, controlling forward motion, braking and turning, and once the speeds increase seat tilts back to stabilize the mobility device.

toyota i real using

Here is a short video of I-REAL, Toyota’s concept wheel chair:

Device can be used at different speeds – you can travel alongside very slowly walking pedestrian and have a eye-to-eye conversation, or run it as full speed and be faster than a sprinter.

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6 Responses

  1. H3g3m0n says:

    Looks cool but not very practical.

    Imagine trying to navigate something that big down a narrow corridor with other people. And the seat is to high up, which would be extra bad for someone that is disabled. Plus there is the issue of transporting it, you can fold away a wheel chair that would need a van with one of those lifts.

  2. web says:

    Now that’s a wheelchair!

  3. chekoala says:

    long overdue for wheelchairs to start getting an image overhaul. Yay for baby boomers and climate change for once. Early incarnations of things often take up a lot of space – wheelchairs still do.
    Toyota do not remotely pitch this as having social consequences for the disabled and bringing them into the mainstream but a mobility device that maintains eye level is hugely significant from a psychological and social disability vantage.

  4. pamela rowe says:

    looks fantastic. as the mother of a severely disabled adult son who like any other young man loves innovation this is just the ticket. only query is can it be adapted to individual needs.the ability to be at eye level when in a crowd would be a benefit as walking do not see the wheelchair at waist level.also the speed at which the wheelchair can run is wonderful.

  5. brewer says:

    how do i purchase this unit as i am disabled and like to be part of it trail in the usa ny area
    and would like to be come independent and have a better life

  1. December 21, 2008

    [...] 20 mph to get you there quickly. This looks like it would be a lot more fun than a golf cart…. Here is a link to the photos and a bit of info…. __________________ Ed J 1999 Sunnybrook 5th-Wheel 27RKFS 2007 HitchHiker Discover America [...]

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