Truck Drivers In World

Funny pictures which shows us how truck drivers do theirs job. Each image represents view from a truck while driving. Better be aware from this kind of drivers, I wouldn’t like to meet them on road. Check out pictures below.

Truck Drivers

Truck Driver 1

Truck Driver 2

Truck Driver 3

Truck Driver 4

Truck Driver 5

Truck Driver 6

Truck Driver 7

Truck Driver 8

Truck Driver 9

Truck Driver 10

Truck Driver 11

Truck Driver 12

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9 Responses

  1. Bawkbagawk says:

    “funny”? must be a definition of the word that I am not aware of.

    Now “racist” would be far more accurate. You are a bad person.

  2. Rick P says:

    Kinda racist, no?

  3. bob says:

    little racist aint it?

  4. Funny Lae says:

    great pictures =)

  5. And then the niggers get angry because mexicans say they are niggers.

  6. K. says:

    yes, a bit racist.. but equally racist against all races.

  7. Zoogyboogydood says:

    No racism here. Just stereotypes. Ones that every human being on this planet, like it or not, deny it all you want, has. It’s being portrayed in a cute way. No one can escape this stuff.

    What is really meant to be portrayed here is the fact that truck drivers, no matter the race, religion, country, etc, are scary.

  8. Alyssa says:

    Let’s chill with the racist crap.
    Here’s a thought: Not everybody is out to get you!

    Cute art work.
    Adorable settings.

  9. Some people are going too far with this political correctness. It’s not racism, there’s nothing really offending, just some cultural stereotypes from various cultures, in a humorous context. Next thing we’ll be renaming stories into “Snow white and the vertically deficient persons”, if we keep yelling ‘discrimination’ at the most inoffensive depictions.

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