Unique Tree In Mozambique

This is one great tree in Limpopo, Mozambique. It is unique tree because it is a tree which have many carvings on it. It really presents artwork of the creator of those beautiful carvings. Maybe it is the shame that alive tree was used on that way but many people still thinks that it is beautiful.

tree limpopo

tree mozambique

weird tree

weird tree in limpopo

amazing lipompo tree

amazing tree

amazing tree in lipompo

beautiful tree in lipompo mozambique

beautiful tree lipompo

beautiful tree mozambique

cool tree

limpopo tree

mozambique amazing tree

mozambique tree

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303 Responses

  1. marjan says:

    thx to the people 4 giving the right information !

  2. Jesus says:

    Wow… Let’s play how many people can write the same damn thing over and over again.

  3. mr.foofoo says:

    i’am not quite sure if this Tree ist real.
    I think i’ve seen this before, could be in someone of those Amusement Parks.
    Maybe Disney Land ore something.

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